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Ridiculous Ad Idea

Scene: Chaotic flash of events, a baby crying, bills stacked high on a table, man pulling his hair out in exasperation, a couple arguing violently, image of bad fast food job, teen reading pregnancy test

(Cut to bedroom scene where two young people are getting kissing passionately)

Boy: Hold on (runs to bathroom, pulls out box from under sink)

(Black screen simply reads “Trojan”)


Ridiculous ad idea #1

Scene: A dark kitchen, the blinds are drawn, it’s a mess. A pretty young woman roots desperately through the drawers looking for something. From another room we here zombie-like moaning.

Girl (frantically) : C’mon, c’mon!

Zombie moaning gets louder, footsteps are heard approaching.

Girl (almost panicked, still searching): Where are you?!?

Zombie appears in the door, moaning.

Girl (triumphantly finding what she was searching for in a cabinet): Aha!

She runs across the room, fiddling with something else.

She’s standing in front of a single-serving coffee maker. She grabs the cup, now full of coffee and hands it to the zombie. Instantly, as the zombie drinks, the room becomes lighter and he transforms into her handsome young husband.

(Cut to product on table)

Voice-over: K-Cups Single Serve Coffee, For those hellish mornings

Bank advertising, You’re doing it wrong


Every time I see or hear an advertisement for a bank, either in print, on television, or on the radio, I’m struck with the same thought: whoever is masterminding (most of) these campaigns is taking the wrong tack.

Fact: Everyone hates banks. We hate the hours, the slow service, the low interest rates we earn, and especially the fees.

Why then, I ask, do bank ads primarily focus on things we are not concerned about, e.g. FDIC insurance, rewards on credit cards and free checking? No one worries about their savings account anymore because the federal government insures it. No one really cares about credit card rewards because they are so widespread, and almost everyone has free checking. As such, these pieces aren’t really telling us anything we don’t know, and thus, not motivating any action.

If they really wanted to get our attention, banks would start advertising extended hours, improved customer service, and a reduction in stupid fees. While some financial institutions are promoting these benefits, most are not, primarily due to the fact that it would require some fundamental shift in current policy.

And while many bankers (conservative people by nature), may be reluctant to change their policies in order to improve their marketing efforts, I have no doubt that their current campaigns yield very little return, other than perhaps promoting the institution in a general way. And if this is the sole benefit of running “free checking” ads, wouldn’t they be better served with less emphasis on message, and more on branding?

Idea for television spot:
Wide angle shot of devastation from hurricane, silent except for wind and cries of seagulls. Slowly pan in on one building, seemingly untouched amid the clutter. It’s (Bank name) Bank. Fade to Black, (Bank name) Bank appears in white letters on black screen.