Sending the wrong message?

(First of all, let me apologize for the terrible quality of the photo below. Not long ago I traded in my antique mobile for a new one, one of the perks of which was supposed to be a better camera. And well, while my new phone may have lots of bells and whistles, it still takes terrible photos. Maybe it’s user error….)

Last weekend I was in Chicago and, as I was flying Southwest, I flew  out of Midway.  While I was waiting for my flight and having a sandwich in the food court, I couldn’t help but notice this advertisement:

The grainy text reads: “Chicago (Midway) to New York (Newark)”

In the bottom right corner it says “non-stop”

What I found particularly amusing about this piece is the fact that it displays an empty baggage cart (train?). To me this sends the not-so-subliminal message, we’ll get you to New York without stopping, but your bags aren’t going to be there.

And while I like the visual, I can’t help but wonder why no one else, either at the agency (possibly GDS&M from Austin, I really don’t know), or at Southwest caught this.


One response to “Sending the wrong message?

  1. Wow! Good point. I’m not sure why they didn’t catch that either. You think they would have highly paid people who would be on top of stuff like that. I can understand making minor mistakes, but there’s nothing minor about that! I bet that the guy who was supposed to check for that kind of stuff gets 100K a year at least. Meanwhile there are people out of work who would kill for his job. I’m sure someone got in trouble for that ad. Thanks.

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