Your Best Director Oscar Awaits…

I know it has been a while since I posted anything new, and I thought now would be a good time to revive this blog. After all, if I’m going to keep all six of you reading this, then I have to have something new every few weeks at least. Thus I present you with my latest discovery,

I found this site when a friend emailed me this video, which unfortunately, will not embed in WordPress. A humorous video of a discussion between rival fans of Kansas and Kansas State, I found it thoroughly entertaining, as did most of my Jayhawk brethren.

But the real beauty of this video is not in it’s content, though it is quite funny, but rather in its form. By utilizing the software available on Xtranormal, anyone, regardless of technical ineptness, can create their own movie, complete with dialogue. The possibilities this opens up to a creative person are limitless.

Take me, for example.  For months I planned on creating a stop-motion video for my professional Web site ( – yes, that’s a shameless plug).  Unfortunately, because I have a PC, rather than a Mac, it created endless frustration, primarily because Windows Movie Maker will insert a small break between slides which also interrupts the musical track. Thus the soundtrack sounds like a badly scratched CD, which is completely unacceptable.

But now, by using the simple drag-and-drop interface that Xtranormal has provided, I can be the next Tarantino (or at least his cartoon equivalent). Ain’t technology grand?


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