Monthly Archives: January 2010

Moving forward by going backwards

There’s an interesting article on Slate discussing the new Domino’s campaign launching their retooled pizza. In the spot, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the agency behind the creepy Burger King king and the Miller Lite “Man Law” campaigns, Domino’s executives take a hard look at customer feedback on their product which are unkind, to say the least.

Faced with this mountain of negativity, Domino’s has reworked everything about their pizza, and attempted to re-brand itself by acknowledging past shortcomings. Launching a new Web site (, the company also produced a four-minute documentary where company executives faced the negative feedback and recognized the need for change.

It seems odd that a company’s marketing strategy would revolve around bashing themselves, but Domino’s clearly believes it needs to completely recreate itself to keep moving forward. And to be honest, this risky gambit worked on me. I ordered Domino’s last weekend. And it really is better.


Crime fighting goes digital

In a sign that everyone is finally joining the social media revolution, even the police are using social media tools. Police in Wichita, Kansas have launched their very own social media network that includes a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Youtube channel. Featuring public safety information, as well as information about crimes, the Wichita police department is using social media to help cut down on crime.

While Wichita isn’t the first city in the country to create a program like this (Boston, for example, has been doing this for some time), it is leading the charge in the Midwest, a surprising turn considering the conservative, reluctant-to-change attitudes that prevail in this part of the country. (And yes, I write that from experience.)

According to an Associated Press article on the subject, the Wichita police department realized that younger people are spending less time with traditional media such as television or newspapers, and instead are increasingly turning to online media to gather information. By acknowledging and utilizing this information, the department is able to reach out to an otherwise ignored section of the population.