Ridiculous ad idea #1

Scene: A dark kitchen, the blinds are drawn, it’s a mess. A pretty young woman roots desperately through the drawers looking for something. From another room we here zombie-like moaning.

Girl (frantically) : C’mon, c’mon!

Zombie moaning gets louder, footsteps are heard approaching.

Girl (almost panicked, still searching): Where are you?!?

Zombie appears in the door, moaning.

Girl (triumphantly finding what she was searching for in a cabinet): Aha!

She runs across the room, fiddling with something else.

She’s standing in front of a single-serving coffee maker. She grabs the cup, now full of coffee and hands it to the zombie. Instantly, as the zombie drinks, the room becomes lighter and he transforms into her handsome young husband.

(Cut to product on table)

Voice-over: K-Cups Single Serve Coffee, For those hellish mornings


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