EA puts marketing in your hands… er, feet

EA Games, the leader in sports video games, has developed a new marketing tactic to build a buzz surrounding the upcoming release of FIFA 10 (available October 20 in North America).  In September, EA released  a demo version of the game on the popular Spanish sports site Marca.es. This demo version included the capability to save video of goals scored and then upload them as part of a Great Goals Contest.


As you probably know, football, as the game is called almost everywhere, is by far the most popular sport in the world. As such, FIFA likely had considerable exposure before this campaign. However, by engaging the video game generation in the marketing of this game, they are attracting an even bigger hype than already existed. EA is allowing an entire generation of sports fans and video gamers to interact and become part of the marketing experience,  building interest as well as driving traffice to both the  Marca, and the EA Games site.

Personally, I was psyched for this game before seeing this, as I was a huge fan of FIFA ’09. But after seeing the finalists in the Great Goals Contest, I can’t wait to play it.


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