Angry Russian man promotes yogurt

Here’s a Russian ad for Actimel, the yogurt-type drink marketed as DanActive in the US.  Similar to SouthWest Airline’s “Wanna Get Away” campaign, this memorable spot (using actual office footage, I believe), closes with a tag line that roughly translates as “Need a vacation”. (As my Russian is only so-so, I could be mistaken.)

Though the product is not featured at all in this spot, save for the closing screen, I love advertisements like this. It makes an immediate impact, both through its hilariously shocking conclusion, as well as its universal appeal. After all, haven’t we all had similar daydreams about annoying co-workers?

I always like seeing foreign advertisements, particularly in places where the culture is radically different from here in the US. It’s always interesting to see the cultural memes that come in to play, as well as the appeal to basic human nature that has cross-cultural appeal.


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