The negative side of social media

In case you’re not a sports fan, there was  a well-publicized fight between members of the football and basketball team yesterday at my alma mater, the University of Kansas. Not surprisingly, the national media, and especially fans of our rival schools, had a field day with this. An area of particular focus was the Facebook status updates of sophomore point guard Tyshawn Taylor.

Tyshawn Taylor

Unfortunately, this young man neglected to consider the consequences of his social media interactions.

I really can’t break down the situation any better than my friend Bear Goodell did on his blog, so I’ll let you read it directly from him.


One response to “The negative side of social media

  1. Brian, thank you for the mention and comment on my blog.

    I truly believe this ugly incident will be the catalyst for change in social media policies at KU. When any organization – not just a sports team – sticks its head in the sand with social media, the consequences will be swift, and often embarrassing.

    Here’s hoping this is the wake up call the KUAD needed.

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