Now there’s an app for everything

Overlooking the fact that my current cell phone is about two years old and approximately as up-to-date as a laser disc player, I love mobile applications. iPhone, Android, it doesn’t matter, the entire concept is intriguing and opens lots of interesting marketing opportunities.  In addition to the gradual emergence of location-specific apps and marketing devices, I particularly like how some brands have latched on to trend.

Check out this article from Advertising Age:

The coolest apps are things like the Benjamin Moore Color Capture that lets you match paint to any color and the Chipotle ordering system that lets you bypass a long line.

Write it down, these are the future. As 4G devices become more prevalent, you’re going to see more and more product and location specific applications popping up. In order for them to be successful, they’ll have to have a relevant use, but I’m sure ad agencies and marketing departments are working right now to come up with the next great app that also helps sell their product.


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