Wu Social Media


I’m loving how Wu Tang Clan veteran Ghostface is promoting his new album. “Wizard of Poetry” (hate the name, by the way) drops on Sept. 29, and Ghost is using Twitter to full-advantage. Check out his profile here. By using Twitter to promote the album, he’s almost single-handedly creating a buzz around this album. Being a huge fan of the Shaolin MCs, he’s got my attention.

Of course the foray into social media is nothing new for Wu Tang. Other clan members Raekwon and RZA both have Twitter accounts they use to promote upcoming events and albums (including “Only Built for Cuban Linx 2”!), as does Wu-affiliate LA the Darkman.

In addition, the Clan, being the chess afficionados they are, also have Wu Chess. If you’re unfamiliar with Wu Chess, it’s a partnership with Chesspark that provides an online forum for chess-loving fans of the Wu Tang Clan to get together. To my knowledge, no other music group or entity has ever tried anything like this before, and it seems to be really successful.

It really seems this is just part of the hip hop hustle.  Rappers were some of the first musicians to really develop their personal brands and have really revolutionized the way in which musicians are seen. In addition to the requisite label that ever successful rapper owns, we’ve now got MCs selling clothes, alcohol, bottled water, and more. Jay-Z even patented  his own shade of blue. These street hustlers have completely re-written the rules of marketing and branding. And there’s sure to be more to come…


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