Live and direct

A friend at work just turned me on to Ustream. An interactive broadcast platform,this site lets anyone with a computer and web cam create their own television network. Featuring the ability to insert polls and questions, link to Facebook and Twitter, and live chat, this site opena up an exciting world of possibilities. As it’s not hosted on your server, there is now no reason for any company not to have a streaming channel. Here are some uses I thought of:

  • Business (obviously, product info, company news, etc)
  • online classes (students can ask questions, teachers can get immediate feedback)
  • press conferences (similar to tele-press conferences but obviously better) <— the further destruction of conventional media, as anyone can follow these conferences
  • Sporting events (ESPN 360 started streaming some events live in 2005, but now high school or even little league games can be televised for out-of-town friends and relatives).
  • Music (hand-in-hand with Youtube and Myspace, it’s easier than ever to promote your band)
  • Entertainment (this takes Youtube a step further, letting anyone have their own live show. The next David Letterman may very well come from a site like this)

Really, the possibilities are endless. While this is fairly new technology, I have no doubt this is the future. And smart companies will be getting on board now.


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